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A Look Back

Posted On 08/24/2016 By Michelle LaForge

With Labor Day fast approaching, that means that summer is winding down (wince).  It might be a good time to reflect back on how your pond was through the heat of summer and to analyze any potential issues that you noticed. As every pond is a living, dynamic ecosystem, changes will occur on a year to year basis.  Some of these changes can occur because of the natural aging process of your pond, some can be from environmental factors.  Knowing how your pond is changing over time can help tremendously in keeping ahead of any major pond management issues.

When was the last time you had your water tested for total nitrogen and phosphorous? Have you ever had your water tested? Are you trying to grow big fish in your pond? Then knowing the pH and water hardness would help. Periodic chemical analysis of your water will help identify any nutrient issues that might be occurring. Did you notice an increase in the weed growth, changes in the species of the weeds, or any increased algae blooms? This could point to an increase in nutrient loading in your pond.  The question is where are the nutrients coming from?  Isolating a water source, whether a well, spring, or creek, and testing that source can give important clues as to where the nutrients are coming from. All these sources are common culprits for nutrient influx into your pond.  Knowing this critical information can help you be proactive in correcting most potential management issues you will face in the future.  Testing your water now can be an inexpensive way to look into next summer’s crystal ball and thwart next summer’s possible nuisance pond issues.  Call us to set an appointment for Cason & Associates to come out and scientifically collect the proper water samples from your pond.