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Fish Feeders

Texas Hunter Pro Series Fish Feeders

Engineered with advanced features for optimum performance, Texas Hunter Pro Series Directional Fish Feeders are designed for long-term durability. The Premium Digital Timer, a Texas Hunter exclusive, is a unique feature to the pro series fish feeders. Our dual motor system introduces a metered flow of feed into a powerful blower assembly. As a self-cleaning device, the feeder shuts off the feed flow motor prior to turning off the blower, eliminating any feed waste at the base of the feeder. To enhance their low maintenance features, all Texas Hunter Pro Series Fish Feeders include a 5-year limited warranty on the ultra-reliable digital timer.

Fish Food

Purina Aquamax 3/16” pellet 41% protein 50 lb bag floating:  $62.50
IDO Splash .25” pellet, 36% protein, 50 lb bag floating: $50.00
IDO Splash .25” pellet, 32% protein, 50 lb bag floating: $45.00
Ziegler Fish Food, 3/16” pellet, 40% protein, 44 lb bag: $57.50 + shipping Drop Shipped

We can deliver fish food to you with your pond supplies! Please call for pricing and availability on all Texas Hunter Pro Series Fish Feeders.