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Fish Structures

The quantity and quality of fish habitat in a water body has a direct impact on fish populations.  Cover for fish is often lacking in man-made ponds.  Fish structures provide an aspect of habitat that is critical to survival and reproduction.  They provide places for small fish and fry to hide, thereby allowing them to survive long enough to reproduce.  Solid structures can also improve fishing success by concentrating baitfish, thereby attracting larger gamefish.

Natural materials, such as fish cribs or fallen trees, work well but are cumbersome to transport and decay rapidly, requiring replacement often.  But thanks to the FisHiding company, adding fish habitat to your pond has never been easier!  FisHiding offers a unique line of fish structures that are made from reclaimed PVC, specifically vinyl siding.  These structures are easy to transport in a boat, and can be bent, shaped and strategically placed into the water within minutes.  The varieties of designs of FisHiding structures are ideal for creating habitat in shallow water, as well as along deep water breaks.  (click here for FAQ on Fish Hiding Structures)

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