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Nutrient Loading

Simply put, nutrient loading is the quantity of nutrients entering an ecosystem in a given period of time.  In lake and pond ecosystems the nutrients we are most concerned with are phosphorous and nitrogen.  These nutrients are necessary for plant life and they are in limited supply in most water systems.  Even a small overload of these nutrients can become a large problem in a pond or lake.

Phosphorous can be directly introduced by overland flow of water coming from agriculture, well water, bird and fish fecal matter, and even spring water.  Indirectly, phosphorous can be introduced by a process known as internal nutrient loading.  Internal loading is the breakdown of sediment on the bottom of the pond that releases nutrients as a byproduct.

To combat these problems, Cason & Associates has assembled a suite of options to customize nutrient management in your waterbody.

Treatment Options

These treatment options are often best tied in to our Integrated Pond Management System for the best results. We find that small doses of nutrient management products at multiple regular intervals seem to have the largest affect.  However, each situation is unique, and during your pond management consultation  we can develop a plan that fits your pond.

Physical Pond Enhancement Options