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Pond Design Consultations

Many people call up and ask questions such as “how much will it cost to put a half-acre pond on my property?”  The truth is that there is no good way to answer such a question.  There are just too many variables in pond construction.  What are the soil types?  Is there bedrock? Where is the water table?  Will the basin need de-watering during construction?  Can the excavated material be placed nearby, or will it have to be loaded on trucks and hauled away?  Will permits be needed?  Will a wetland delineation be needed? Will the pond need a liner?  Will it need a well?  What kind of features will the pond have: a beach, a waterfall, rip-rap?  All of these variables will have a dramatic impact on the cost of pond construction.  In order to answer these questions, we need to do some research, dig test holes, take some measurements and put together some plans.  A pond design consultation is the starting point for answering the questions about the feasibility of putting a pond on your property.

During a pond design consultation we begin by sitting down with you to discuss what you have in mind for a pond and what your ultimate goals for the project are.  Next we evaluate the pond site and spoil sites for construction feasibility.  We then typically stake out an area for the pond you have in mind and measure its surface area.  We will then discuss permitting needs for the project.  We then conclude with a discussion of factors that may affect pond construction costs, pond maintenance needs, and the next steps in the process.

What we will do next may be to return with a backhoe to dig test holes at the site.  If things look feasible, we then proceed with staking and surveying the site and preparing pond plans that meet your goals.  If permits are needed, applications will be submitted.  When all of this is done, we will finally have all of the information needed to answer the question of how much it will cost to construct a pond on your property.

While we will certainly do our best to give you a rough idea of pond construction costs at the conclusion of a pond design consultation, you can see that a lot of variables must be considered before a firm estimate of what it will cost to build your pond can be attained.   Our goal with initial consultations is to help you consider all of the aspects of what goes into building a pond so that construction goes smoothly, so that the project is compliant with regulations, and so that the finished project meets your goals and provides you and your family with enjoyment for many years to come.