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Benefits of Dilution and Dosing Using a Metering Pump

Today, many natural and chemical products are available in a ready-to-use or concentrated form. Many consumers are not interested in paying more to receive pre-mixed products when there is a concentrate available. The savings come not only via price, but also by minimizing costs for shipping, packaging and storing the excess volume. This leaves the dilution up to the user.

Dilution seems simple and typically is, but there are drawbacks to on-site dilution which include over or under diluting, waste due to spills, possible danger to personnel and facility as well as potential for environmental and regulatory concerns. Plus the fact that it is not always practical to be present to dilute and dose products exactly when it is needed. A dispensing system with built timer and battery backup provide precise proportioning, regular timed dosing and peace of mind that this task is completed properly.

Dispensing systems like the Orb-3 Stenner Peristaltic Pump offer substantially increased safety, performance and environmental protection. The integrity and effectiveness of the Orb-3 Stenner Peristaltic Pump ensures that your customers get a complete dispensing system that:

Utilize the Orb-3 Stenner Peristaltic Pump in every possible application to avoid dilution and dosing errors and to have more consistently maintained water!