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Would you like to manage your pond yourself?

Posted On 03/19/2012 By Mike Jahnke

Did you know that Cason & Associates, LLC offers a Pond Assistance Program specifically designed for the do-it-yourself pond owner? We have the tools, products and expertise to teach you how to manage your pond yourself. We can meet with you right at your pond, discuss the problems you are experiencing with your pond and then show you exactly how you can take care of it yourself.

With the uncertainty of today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to get the most for every dollar you spend on your pond. It is understandable for pond owners to want to manage their pond themselves. However, sometimes the management approach that is chosen is based on poor or inaccurate information. It is very frustrating to spend money only to find you have not achieved the results you were looking for. Poor or inaccurate information can lead to:

So how can you find good, accurate information to prevent spending money on products and/or equipment that will not produce the result you are looking for? By scheduling a Pond Management Consultation with one of the biologists at Cason & Associates, LLC. He will talk with you about the problems or concerns you have, take a look at the pond to gather specific details, observe the environment around the pond and any other notable conditions. From there, the biologist will use all of this information and data to develop a science-based management approach to fit your budget. Management approaches can range from plans for the do-it-yourself pond owner, to integrated pond management service programs in which we visit the ponds on a set schedule and perform the necessary services to keep the water body healthy and looking beautiful.

Consultations are, by far, the most popular pond management service Cason & Associates offers. Many of our clients have told us spending money on a consultation is the best investment they have made in their ponds. The fee for a pond management consultations is $90 per hour including the travel time to and from your location. The average consultation takes 1 to 2 hours on-site. Call today to schedule a pond management consultation for your pond – 877-309-8408.

Article originally published in the Cason & Associates July 2009 newsletter.