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Pond Services and Pond Maintenance

Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Northern Illinois

There are many types of aeration systems on the market for customers in our areas of Wisconsin & Northern Illinois, and each has a specific purpose. Meaning, these systems are not always interchangeable.

Common types of systems include:

  • Diffused Aeration Systems

    • These inconspicuous systems increase dissolved oxygen throughout the waterbody by using a compressor to force air through bottom-placed diffusers. To learn more about diffused aeration systems, click here.

  • Fountains

  • Circulators

  • De-Icers


Depending on the size and depth of your Wisconsin area waterbody, fountains can be used for both aerating and decoration. In shallow waterbodies, where diffused aeration systems would not work properly, a fountain can provide enough water column and surface disruption to increase dissolved oxygen levels.

Fountains can provide many benefits other than aeration including: daytime and nighttime displays, surface tension disruption that leaves the surface looking clear and fresh and a pleasant sound of falling water that can screen noise from adjacent highways or lawn maintenance equipment.


Circulators create a strong, unidirectional flow of water that can eliminated stagnant water, increase atmospheric oxygen transfer and stop muck, debris and aquatic plants from collecting on beaches and water access areas. In private waters, a circulator may be mounted to a dock or to a float. However, in public waters, circulators may only be dock mounted.


In the winter, warmer water accumulates near the bottom of lakes and ponds. De-Icers force this warm water from the bottom to the surface to create an ice-free area. As an added benefit from creating ice-free areas, habitat for fish and wildlife is enhanced. Atmospheric oxygen transfer can take place and wildlife are provided with a clear entry and exit point.

De-Icers are most commonly used around permanent piers and docks to prevent ice damage.

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