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Pond Filtration-Wetland Services

Pond Services and Pond Maintenance

Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Northern Illinois


The fascinating diversity of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and plants found in a wetland makes these habitats uniquely valuable. Many hours of enjoyment can be found viewing and exploring nature in wetlands pond filtration systems. In many parts of the Midwest people have purchased abandoned farms as recreational property. These farms often contain wetlands that were drained and ditched for agriculture.

Cason & Associates, servicing Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Northern Illinois areas, can help restore these damaged wetlands and bring back their habitat diversity. We can even help create small wildlife ponds and scrapes in upland areas that serve as filtration to improve the habitat.


A wetland is an area that contains water at, near or above the land’s surface, long enough to be capable of supporting aquatic or hydrophilic plants, has soils indicative of wet conditions and hydrology. Areas that meet these criteria are regulated by Federal and State laws, and may also be subject to county, city or village ordinances. Therefore, it is essential to know the boundaries of wetlands on your property before embarking on any activities, such as building, mowing or pond construction. Any project that may impact a wetland requires proper permitting.

The biologists at Cason & Associates, servicing Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Northern Illinois areas, who conduct wetland delineations have completed Wetland Delineation Training courses conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. These biologists can help you to identify the wetland boundaries on your property and assist you with any permitting that may be required.

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