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Pond Services and Pond Maintenance

Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Northern Illinois


For the do-it-yourself pond or lake owner, in the Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Northern Illinois areas, we offer a Pond Assistance Program.

Upon request, one of our biologists will deliver the products that you need to manage your pond or lake, instruct you in their proper use and answer any questions that you may have. You will learn the proper dosing levels, what time intervals between applications need to be observed and the proper products to use on the specific weeds and algae that might be plaguing your pond or lake.

We provide the professional grade products and the know how so your pond can be treated properly, all while taking care of it yourself.


At Cason & Associates, servicing the Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, & Northern Illinois areas, all of our biologists are trained, licensed and insured professional aquatic applicators. Several of our staff are also certified in forestry herbicide applications.



Our primary lake applications are using herbicides to control invasive species, such as Eurasian/Hybrid Watermilfoil and Curly-Leaf Pondweed. Other uses include treating navigation lanes through dense emergent and submergent plant growth.

Depending on the target plant species, our biologists will design a treatment regime that fits your budget and will work with the WDNR to obtain permitting.


The most common issue in ponds is nuisance algae and plant growth due to excess nutrients in the system. These excess nutrients can either be the result of internal or external nutrient loading. Simply put, nutrient loading is the quantity of nutrients entering an ecosystem in a given period of time. The nutrients we are most concerned with are phosphorous and nitrogen. These nutrients are necessary for plant life and they are in limited supply in most water systems. Even a small overload of these nutrients can become a large problem in a pond or lake.

Phosphorous can be directly introduced by overland flow of water coming from agriculture, well water, bird and fish fecal matter, and even spring water. Indirectly, phosphorous can be introduced by a process known as internal nutrient loading. Internal loading is the breakdown of sediment on the bottom of the pond that releases nutrients as a byproduct.

To combat these problems, Cason & Associates, servicing Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, & Northern Illinois, has assembled a suite of options to customize nutrient management in your waterbody and/or to make your waterbody look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

These products include:

  • Phosphorus reducing and binding agents

  • Beneficial bacteria to break down organic matter

  • Enzymes to break down molecules and cell walls for digestion

  • Herbicides and algaecides to combat nuisance plant growth

  • Biocatalyst adjuvants to help herbicides and algaecides penetrate, kill and decompose plants and algae

  • Dyes/Colorant to change pond water to a pleasing blue, black or midnight color



Several of our employees are forestry herbicide application certified.

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